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Dr.Malachi Z York Diplomat for the Republic of Liberia DP#: 00382804, Born June 26 1945 a well known author,  scholar, teacher, song writer and humanitarian who is being held in Florence ADX Prison wrongfully sentenced  to 135 years in prison on charges of racketeering, of which he is innocent of.

He is currently being denied medical attention for his illness of Acute Hereditary  Angioedema.  His health is in a  critical state while waiting for a medical transfer that may never come, accompanied  with police brutality within the facility  his constitutional rights are being violated continuously.

Dr. Malachi York has led a life of positive leadership in his community with over 40 years of teaching since 1967; a leader who emerged out of the civil rights movement that chose to assist in the empowerment of “Black” people through knowledge by authoring over 400 books on race relations, religion, and our story as “African Americans” prior to bondage, his point is to empower the mentality of the youth as to make these youth more beneficial to the society in which they reside.  Many things have been said about Dr. York., but his profound writings have never once been contested. Dr York’s literature has influenced the likes of Nas, Afrika Bambaataa, Jay-Z, Music Soul Child, Erica Badu’, India Arie, and many more.  He has received awards from the Key to the City in Brooklyn New York by former Mayor Ed Koch, as well as awards and acclaim from the Mayors of Macon, and Augusta Georgia.

Dr. York also wrote songs for various artists in the 1970s labeled as message/ love music. He owned his own Record Label and Recording studio, working with various artist like Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie, as well as being a performer his self as apart of Trio called Passion.

Malachi York has been characteristically assassinated with RICO charges of transporting children for the purpose of child molestation and structuring money that would attempt to destroy his credibility as an author, teacher, and humanitarian.  Witnesses and alleged victims who testified were threatened and coerced by FBI agents to make false allegations and statements against Malachi York according to the affidavits of recantation by these witnesses and alleged victims and by the prosecutions key witness.

We are  seeking the public’s help in this matter to objectively look at the facts in this case, not his religion, not his lifestyle, but the facts that prove that Malachi York is an innocent man.